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 (left to right) The relatives of Chakalis - Arietta & George Rigopolous owned diner for 30 years beginning in 1973.              The diner was later bought by Nancy Petrillo and Charles Criss in 2003.

Biography of Chuck Criss (Part Owner)

·        Born in New Brighton, PA 

·        Raised in Beaver Falls, PA

·        In 7th grade, went to private school in Norwalk, CT for three years

o       Learned he was Dyslexic

o       Was the beginning of his fondness for New England

·        Went back home to finish high school

·        After numerous meaningless jobs and even a stint in a local community college, Chuck decided he wanted to be a chef.

o       Attended Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in New Haven, CT.

§         Only requirement was a high school diploma.

·        Started career with 1st food service job at the Yankee Doodle Coffee Shop in New Haven, CT.

·        Did apprenticeship at the Meadowlands Race Track in Washington, PA as a grade manager.

o       Meadowlands was high volume with 3 kitchens

§         1 production kitchen to prep for the race track concessions

§         2 high end restaurant kitchens

·        Took an extra year off to work in the field before going back to school and graduate.

·        Returned to CIA at the more prestigious facilities in Hyde Park, NY

o       Was part of the 1st graduating class on the new campus.

·        First job upon completion of college was at the Beaver Valley Country Club in Beaver Falls, PA as Head Chef

·        Was offered a job to work with roommates from CIA at Highlands Restaurant and Motel in Bellows Falls, VT

o       Worked here for years

·        Moved to Walpole, NH

·        Took a job as Sous Chef with Executive Chef Hans Korodi at the Ramada Inn (now the Best Western) in Keene, NH

o       Eventually became Executive Chef

o       Met owner of the Ramada Inn, Lindy Chacklos, the original owner of Lindy’s Diner

·        After working at the Ramada, Chuck worked at the Square Meal in Keene, NH

·        Chuck then worked at the Major Leanorad Keep in Westmorland, NH

·       Was offered a high paying job to move back to Pennsylvania

o       Cooked for a the Chestnut Ridge Inn in Blairsville, PA

§         A very high end restaurant and golf course

o       Was the last time he cooked professionally in PA

·        Moved back to NH

o       Had 1 child (Heather) and 1 on the way (Jonathan)

o       Had a calamity of jobs during this period

§         Max’s Bistro in Brattleboro, VT

§         The Old Tavern in Grafton, VT

§         Henry David’s in Keene, NH

·        Found a job he liked at Peter Christians Tavern in Keene, NH

o       Met his partner, friend, and now business partner, Nancy Petrillo here

o       After 3 years and many kitchen crisis, chefs and kitchen managers, Chuck was in charge of the kitchen

o       After 3 months the Tavern was running like a restaurant

·        The Tavern was sold and the names was changed to 176 Main

o       Nancy and Chuck became managers and developed their managing skills for the next 16 years

·        176 Main was for sale again

·        Both Chuck and Nancy were offered jobs to open the Springfield Royal Diner in Springfield, VT

o       They knew they could not work for anyone else

·        Bought Lindy’s Diner from Arietta and George Rigidapous.


Biography for Nancy Petrillo (Part-Owner)

·        Born and brought up in New Haven, CT

o       Had a large family that loved to cook

·        Attended Quinnipiac College in Hamden, CT

o       Worked in bakeries and restaurants and did some catering to support herself though college

·        After graduating, Nancy worked in Providence, RI at Out Lady of Fatima Hospital in Cytology

·        Moved to Boston, MA and worked at Mass General Hospital for four years

o       Started catering small parties with a friend

·        Moved to Brattleboro, VT

o       Worked in Cytology at Brattleboro Memorial Hospital for five years

·        Moved to Gilson, VT

o       Continued working in Cytology

o       Started a cooking group with friends

§         They taught each other how to make traditional meals from their grandparents’ original “Old Country”

·        After Nancy had twins, she returned to work

o       The restaurant business allowed here to work nights and stay at home with her children during the day

o       She waited tables at Henry David’s and Peter Christians in Keene, NH

o       Cooked and baked at Peter Christians and 176 Main Restaurant

o       Took on more responsibilities at 176 Main Restaurant when her children entered school

·        Chuck and Nancy received a call from George and Arietta Rigopoulos about buying Lindy’s Diner

o       Six months later they signed the papers officially making them the new owners of Lindy’s Diner


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